Flaps Podcast – March 2016

Finally another Flaps Podcast has landed.

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In this edition we speak to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. You’ll probably recall him making the news for his cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. His orbital exploits are well-known, but what got him into aviation and where did he start? We ask him about his flying experiences, from air cadets through to commanding the International Space Station. And how would you react to finding a live snake in your cockpit? Yes, Chris even has his own snakes-on-a-plane experience to share!

It’s a great interview with a genuinely fascinating guy.

And Chris has put his experiences into print in a couple of excellent books.

The Flyer Live show took place at the end of 2015 and there we spoke to Paul Catanach, who writes Flyer Magazine’s Bush Pilot column and who’s also put his experiences into his book Gone Bush.

We also spoke to Barry Jones, the man behind the eye-catching BJJR Bulldog. It’s an autogyro that has to be seen to be believed!

While we’re on a space theme, our in-house expert aviator Pablo Mason talks about how he’d have loved to gone into orbit (who wouldn’t?)

And we wrap up by hearing about the CAA’s latest consultation on the airspace change process. You can read more about that at the Authority’s consultations website.

Running order

0.00 Introduction
2.02 Astronaut Chris Hadfield
18.30 Paul Catenach – Bush Pilot
26.22 Mason’s Minute – Going into orbit
28.30 Barry Jones – BJJR Bulldog
35.00 CAA Consultation on airspace change proposals
39.15 Wrap up

Total 39.45