Flaps Podcast – September 2013

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Here’s Flaps for September. A couple of weeks ago it was the LAA Rally at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire.

Flaps flew in to the event – which was an experience in itself! – and spoke to a variety of experts there. We’ve brought you a selection of them in this edition.

You’ll hear Graham Newby of the LAA, Graham Smith of Sprite Aviation, Jonathan Smith of NATS and Rob Hart of SkyDemon. And while we’re there, the boss of Sywell, Michael Bletsoe-Brown, welcomes us for a Flaps Fly-in and talks us through some of the airfield’s history.

Plus there’s a minute from Pablo Mason, on the topic of getting bored of flying. Do you think he ever got bored?

0.00 Introduction
1.24 Graham Newby, outgoing CEO of the LAA
4.36 BMAA flight simulator
8.37 Sprite Aviation’s Graham Smith talks about the Zigalo ultralight glider
13.29 How not to treat an aircraft skin!
15.39 Mason’s Minute: did Pablo ever get bored of flying?
17.38 Flaps Fly-in: Sywell Aerodrome MD Michael Bletsoe-Brown
23.37 NATS’ Jonathan Smith on the importance of pre-flight planning
29.33 Mike Roberts speaks to SkyDemon’s Rob Hart
32.34 Wrap up

Total: 33.40