Flaps Podcast – August 2013

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Flaps is back – and better than ever.

In this edition we send Andrew Easton to Heathrow to report on British Airways’s new A380s and Dreamliners. BA is the first airline in Europe to operate both the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first two of which landed at Heathrow at the beginning of July.

Andrew speaks to Boeing UK’s President Sir Roger Bone and to senior marketing “Veep” Randy Tinseth. We love the fact that because of him the URL www.boeingblogs.com/randy/ can actually exist.

Aerobatics, love them or loathe them, we don’t care: we’ve done a report. We send Take Flight Aviation‘s Mike Roberts to Goodwood to speak to glorious Mark Greenfield, who founded Ultimate High in 2002.

Pablo Mason returns with another Mason’s Minute. This month he talks about something most pilots never even think about: writing a letter to the family, in case you don’t come back.

For this month’s Flaps Fly In, we visit Gloucestershire Airport and speak to its Operations Director, Darren Lewington. They’re the busiest GA airport in all of England you know.

And finally, we have an exclusive report from the CAA’s Future Airspace Conference for GA, held in July at the Royal Aeronatical Society in London. You’ll hear the Authority’s Chief Exec, its head of airspace, Sir John Allison of the GA Alliance, and Air Vice Marshall Stuart Atha. (I’d like to take this chance to apologise to the Air Vice Marshall for constantly calling him “Stu”. Most unfitting of me, sorry.)

And that’s it. We’re back – and we hope the wait has been worth it!

Right, we’re off to make www.flapspodcast.com/randy

0.00 Introduction and apologies
1.46 Andrew Easton reports from Heathrow on BA’s new A380s and Dreamliners, and speaks to Boeing UK’s President, Sir Roger Bone and senior marketing bod Randy Tinseth
8.15 Mike Roberts visits aerobatics training school Ultimate High at Goodwood, and speaks to founder Mark “Greeners” Greenfield
15.36 Mason’s Minute: Pablo on writing a letter to a loved one
20.50 Flaps Fly-In: we visit Gloucestershire Airport and speak to its Operations Director, Darren Lewington
27.16 A report on the CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy, with respect to General Aviation
36.36 Wrap up this edition

Total: 38.46