Flaps Extended – The Plane Crash

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For every Flaps Podcast we release, we have plenty more material that’s left on the digital cutting room floor. But that doesn’t mean the bits we don’t use aren’t interesting.

In our Winter 2012 edition we spoke to Geoff Deehan and Chip Shanle of The Plane Crash, the Channel 4 TV show. Geoff devised and produced the show, and Chip was flying the doomed 727 by remote control from a chase plane 50m or so behind.

There was plenty of great unused chat: Geoff’s part goes up from 8 minutes up to nearly 17 and Chip’s from 3 minutes to nearly 13.

The whole piece now runs at over 31 minutes. That’s almost as long as the main edition of the podcast it comes from – so you can see why we cut it down a bit.

There’s now a lot more detail about the planning and execution of the crash – and things that went wrong too.

Meanwhile the original, full, edition of Flaps that this comes from can be found here