Flaps Podcast – Winter 2012

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It’s always good to end a year with a bang – so that’s how we’re ending 2012. The bang in question is caused by a passenger jet crashing into the Mexican desert. Normally that wouldn’t be much fun, but if you saw that terrific Channel 4 Show The Plane Crash a few weeks back, you’ll know what we mean. Basically, they crashed a 727 under controlled conditions, in order to see what happens on impact. If you missed the show you can watch it online from Channel 4. We thoroughly recommend it.

We speak to Geoff Deehan, who devised and produced the show, and Leland “Chip” Shanle, who was flying the 727 by remote control from a chase plane 50m or so behind.

Update – there’s now a 31-minute Flaps Extended version of the Plane Crash interviews here on Flaps Podcast.

Our celebrity pilot in this edition is racing driver, golfer and famous moustache-wearer Nigel Mansell. The 1992 Formula 1 champion talks about his three decades as a pilot – it’s a great interview.

Elliott (left), Nigel and Mark (right)

Pablo Mason talks about dealing with cockpit emergencies. Now if there’s one person you’d want sat next to you when things get hairy, it’d be Captain Chesley Sullenberger. But if he’s not available, Pablo will do!

And finally, we launch a new feature in this edition – the Flaps Fly-In. We visit an airfield and find out about the people behind it, some of the history, and of course, test the £100 burger. In this edition we start centrally at the very GA-friendly Wellesbourne Airfield in Warwickshire.

We’ve had another enjoyable year making Flaps Podcast – and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part. You all help make Flaps what it is.

0.00 Introduction
1.35 Celebrity Pilot – Former F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell
12.30 Flaps Fly-in – Wellesbourne Airfield, Warwickshire
20.48 Mason’s Minute – coping with cockpit emergencies
23.48 Geoff Deehan – Creator and producer of Channel 4 show “The Plane Crash”
32.32 Chip Shanle – who crashed the 727 by remote control
35.39 Wrap up

Duration: 36.34