Flaps Podcast – June 2012

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Well we’re back with a new podcast. This is our 13th edition and while that may be unlucky for some, we’re in a celebratory mood. Last week it was announced that we’d won a Gold award at the New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs Awards. (Or as we call them for convenience, the “New Yorks”.) It was for the September 2011 edition of Flaps. Hopefully we’ve been casting British GA in a favourable light.

Anyway, in this edition, we speak to Jonathan Mitchell and David Jones, the two pilots who broke the round Britain aviation record over the Jubilee weekend. They’re based at Derby Aero Club and they’ve raised thousands for Fly2Help.

Celebrity Pilot is actor, comedian, Papal Knight, and former Crackerjack presenter Don Maclean.

In Mason’s Minute, Pablo Mason talks about radio failure: what to do, and what he did when a radio failed on him.

And we bring our report from AeroExpo 2012. We spent the (glorious) Friday there and spoke to a good number of exhibitors and participants, including Tim Orchard of Tecnam UK and Fly on Track’s Irv Lee.

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So here’s the running order for this one. I’ve said before that we try to aim for 30 minutes, but as we’ve been AWOL for a couple of months we’ve allowed ourselves some room to breathe. This is the longest Flaps yet, coming in at 48 minutes. In the next day or two I’ll try and make a shorter, more wife-friendly edit for you!

0.00 Introduction
1.46 Celebrity Pilot Don Maclean
12.11 Record-breaking pilots Jonathan Mitchell and David Jones
26.00 Mason’s Minute – Radio failure
29.46 AeroExpo 2012 report, including
30.19 Show Organiser Alex Ayling
31.30 Fly on Track’s Irv Lee
37.01 Tim Orchard, MD of Tecnam UK
40.21 The Classic Aircraft Trust’s David Blackburn
44.40 Sebastian Pooley, MD of Pooleys
46.26 and finally – a boat!
47.26 Wrap up this edition

Duration: 47.57