Flaps Podcast 10 – November 2011

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Elliott and I have been busy boys for the past couple of months. There hasn’t been a “proper” edition of Flaps for two months so please accept our apologies – but hopefully you’ve been listening to everything else we’ve done, including two Airspace podcasts for the CAA, our special from the LAA Rally and our Flaps Extended interview with Manuel Queiroz. Oh, we’ve been on forces radio station BFBS too! We’ll reward your patience with the longest edition of Flaps yet (but don’t worry, it’s still only 41 minutes!)

So in the November 2011 Flaps, we speak to Frederick Forsyth, multi-million-selling author of books including Day of the Jackal and The Fourth Protocol. He’s this month’s Celebrity Pilot and was a fascinating person to interview. The version you’ll hear in this podcast is 13 minutes long but in a few days we’ll release a much longer 45 minute Flaps Extended version.

Pablo Mason talks about running out of fuel – you won’t believe how close he got once.

Mark visits North Weald Airfield. Like so many airfields across the country it’s recently been under threat of redevelopment. That threat seems to have passed but who knows for how long? You’ll hear from two members of the North Weald Airfield Users Group.

We catch up with Pet PPL Karl, our friendly student pilot. He’s got three big pieces of news.

Saturday 12 November is File a Flight Plan Day. We’ve already covered this in great depth in the second CAA Airspace podcast – but in addition to filing using AFPEx you can also file a plan using SkyDemon or SkyDemon Light. We speak to Tim Dawson from SkyDemon.

And in the last podcast we said we’d give away two copies of Manuel Queiroz’s book Chasing the Morning Sun. We reveal the lucky winners.

0.00 Introduction
1.40 Author Frederick Forsyth is this month’s Celebrity Pilot
15.16 Pet PPL Karl has three big things to tell us
21.58 We reveal the winners of Manuel Querioz’s book Chasing the Morning Sun
25.30 Pablo Mason talks about running out of fuel
29.58 We visit North Weald Airfield, 10 miles or so south of Stansted.
36.28 Tim Dawson from SkyDemon looks ahead to File a Flight Plan Day.
41.07 Wrap up this edition.

Duration 41.45

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