Flaps Podcast 9: September 2011

It’s the weekend of the Light Aircraft Association rally at Sywell – so it’s the perfect time for us to look into the world of home- and amateur-built aircraft. In this edition we speak to Roger Hopkinson, chairman of the LAA.

We also speak to Manuel Queiroz, who flew around the world in his single-engined RV6. It was, as he describes it, “the ultimate cross-country flight”. Manuel’s recently written a book about his experience – it’s called Chasing the Morning Sun and we thoroughly recommend it.

    We’ve been given a couple of copies of Manuel’s book to give away. If you’d like to win one all you need to do is either follow us on Twitter @flapspodcast or like us on Facebook. It’s a shameless bribe, but since you could be getting a truly excellent read for free, it’s worth a click or two isn’t it? We’ll have the prize draw live in the next podcast!

Our Celebrity Pilot is Alex James, the Blur bassist and also farmer and cheese maker. He tells us of his love of cheese and tomato ketchup sandwiches, and how although flying possibly saved his life (from rock and roll excess) on one occasion it nearly cost him it.

Finally, Pablo Mason shares his experiences of helicopter flying – which is something like 2,500 hours. Is there nothing this man hasn’t done?

There’s also the longer version of our Manuel interview available on Flaps Extended.

0.00 Introduction
1.40 We speak to Alex James from Blur about cheese-making, and touch on flying.
9.18 Manuel Queiroz flew an RV6 around the world: we find out how and why.
20.54 Pablo Mason talks about his time flying helicopters and how it compares to fixed-wing flying.
25.27 We hear about the Light Aircraft Association from its chairman, Roger Hopkinson, at the LAA Rally.
28.57 We speak to Bart Verhees, Belgian builder of the Verhees Delta – an amazing UFO-alike prop-driven delta wing aircraft.
31.43 Wrap up this edition.

Duration: 32.55

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Here’s Alex James and Blur performing their most well-known hit, Parklife.

And here he is in their debut hit, There’s No Other Way. He’s the one with the long floppy dark hair!