Flaps Extended – Concorde G-BOAC

In making Flaps we’ve found that we’re having to leave lots of great content out in order to keep the podcasts to about half an hour in length.

So, like car maker and F1 podium-botherer McLaren having a skip round the back of the factory labelled ‘Titanium Swarf’, we’re going to waste nothing, especially if it’s precious. This we call Flaps Extended.

For the July 2011 edition of Flaps Podcast Elliott visited Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park. He was pretty excited and got carried away. Like the Concorde at Mach 2, he found himself growing a few inches. And he recorded much more than we could fit into July’s podcast. (He’s a radio producer’s nightmare.)

So here’s his feature in all its glory – all 45 minutes worth.

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    We’ve got lots of other Flaps Extendeds to listen to too.

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You might want to know that we spoke to two former Concorde crew, David Leney and David MacDonald, in September 2010’s Flaps Podcast. If you like Concorde enough you might like to buy their excellent book on the old bird.

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