Flaps Podcast 8: July 2011


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Happy birthday to us. Flaps is one – and we’re having a party!

For our first anniversary birthday bonanza podcast, instead of getting a stripper in, Pablo Mason offered to turn up in just a thong and a headset. As tempting as that was we declined and instead we’ve got him talking about being a bit nicer to our fellow aviatiors.

We do however have some sexy glamour in the form of Alpha Charlie – G-BOAC – the beautiful Concorde at the Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park. Top guide Ross Williams takes us on a technical tour and we get up close and personal to the the gorgeous old girl.

Every birthday party needs music, so we’ve got a band in. Richard and Dan from the brilliant, Brit-nominated band The Feeling are our celebrity pilots this month. (They’re so good that Mark even bought their first album Twelve Stops and Home on CD. Their new album Together We Were Made is out now too.)

It’s a shame we can’t get the late, great Roy Castle along with his trumpet because we really need the Record Breakers theme in this edition. Dedication is certainly what you need, and that’s what Mike Roberts the boss of Take Flight Aviation has got, as he’s just broken an impressive aviation record.

And finally our very own Pet PPL Karl has not one, but two big announcements.

Also available are longer versions of both the Concorde feature and The Feeling interview: check them out at Flaps Extended

0.00 Introduction
1.16 Celebrity Pilots from The Feeling talk about their experiences as trainee pilots.
11.09 Elliott visits Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park.
24.10 Take Flight Aviation boss Mike Roberts tells us how he broke a record making more landings in one day than most of us do in a year.
32.26 We catch up with Pet PPL Karl and hear his news, which is quite literally big and getting bigger.
37.42 Pablo Mason wonders if aviators could be more polite to each other.
40.09 Wrap up this edition.

Duration: 41.30

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The Feeling at work: