Flaps Extended – Cosford

In making Flaps we’ve found that we’re having to leave lots of great content out in order to keep the podcasts to about half an hour in length.

So, like a butcher keen to waste nothing from the carcass of a dead cow, we’re occasionally going to make some of this available as an extra called Flaps Extended.

For the June 2011 edition of Flaps Podcast we visited the RAF Museum at Cosford. It’s a brilliant place to visit if you’re interested in aircraft – and it’s free too. Allow yourself some time to visit: you can easily spend half a day there. And take a camera!

We couldn’t get as much as we wanted into the podcast for reasons of time, so here it is in full – it’s over twice as long as the version used in June’s edition.

Here we’re speaking to the museum’s creator, Al McLean.

    Click the orange button to play – you can also download and keep this (use the down arrow button to the right of the audio clip.)

    We’ve got lots of other Flaps Extendeds to listen to too.

Here are some photos from the museum, including curator Al McLean.