Flaps “wins” awards:
‘Top Gear for Pilots’

Flaps Podcast has received some recognition recently: we’ve won not one, not three, but two awards.

First off, writes Mark, we won a bronze award (i.e. came third, but it still counts as a “win”) in the Best Internet Programme category at the Sony Radio Academy Awards on May 9. We’re obviously chuffed!

The judges said this of Flaps:

    Top Gear for pilots! An engaging podcast that has the capacity to enthuse listeners: a thoroughly accessible and entertaining listen that demonstrates a podcast’s ability to reach a niche audience, while being enjoyable for everyone.

From now on you can call us Elliott “Clarkson” Webb and Mark “May” Newman. (It should be stressed that Webb is not having an affair with Jemima Khan.)

The awards host Chris Evans said, “It should win just for the title shouldn’t it!”

The really odd thing is we originally conceived Flaps to be a be a “Top Gear for pilots” but we then toned that aspect down a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever expressed it like that to anyone apart from Elliott – so for the judges to describe it in that way was a bit spooky. (And obviously we didn’t tone it down enough.)

Also very alarming was having a photograph of us projected onto giant 20-foot screens above the tables at the ceremony. I didn’t expect that…

… but then, the guy sat opposite us on our table didn’t expect to have his face in this photo, so sorry about that.

It’s a good job we made ourselves look vaguely smart in the projected picture, which we thought might appear (at most) as a 2-inch photo in the programme, perfect fodder for mopping up red wine stains at 1am.

(As an aside: Robbie Savage, who was involved in Pablo Mason’s footballer-in-cockpit-shock-gate from a few years ago, also won an award as best newcomer. Small world, innit?)

The silver award was won by Hackney Podcast and the gold award by the nice guys at Answer Me This.

Edit: we have no idea who the blonde in the first picture is – all we know is she’s called Kylie, and she’s easier on the eye than either of us.

Once all that excitement was over, writes Elliott, we then won another bronze award for Flaps in the New York Festival radio awards. So not only are we third rate in the UK but we’re now third rate around the world!

Obviously we’re delighted and would’ve been even more delighted if we could have flown to New York on Monday night to accept our award. Unfortunately all our flying club had available that day was a PA28 or a C152 and our kind offer to BA to write a review of the facilities in first class was declined.

I did happen to go a few years ago, so if you imagine that the girl in the picture is Mark, that we’ve only got the one bronze New York award, and that we definitely wouldn’t be quite so cuddly, then it would have looked exactly like the picture below.

Please don’t think that we’re resting on our laurels though. As I type we’re working on the next podcast which is shaping up to be a belter and should be with you in the next couple of weeks. As one wag we know said recently: “wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you had more awards than podcasts?”