Flaps Podcast 6: April 2011


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Here’s the latest instalment of Flaps.

In this edition, we speak to the CAA about the Olympic airspace restrictions for 2012. Celebrity pilot is former Radio One disc jockey Mike Smith who now runs FlyingTV – a highly successful aerial filming company. We speak to the oldest pilot we’ve yet featured, Margaret Frost – she flew Spitfires (among other types) during the war; we’ll also speak to the youngest pilot in the country, who obviously can’t go solo or even log his hours, as he’s just 12 years old. And Pablo Mason wonders how big the RAF should be.

0.00 Introduction
1.16 Celebrity Pilot Mike Smith tells us why he learned to fly, tells us about flying helicopters over London, and his proudest achievement: launching his own aerial filming company.
12.57 We speak to Phil Roberts, the CAA’s Assistant Director of Airspace Policy. Find out more at the website here.
21.12 March 5 1936 saw the first flight of the Supermarine Spitfire. 75 years on we speak to Margaret Frost, who flew Spitfires and many other aircraft, as a ferry pilot during WW2.
28.36 Pablo Mason wonders how big the RAF should be.
31.02 After speaking to the oldest pilot we’ve yet featured, now we speak to the youngest: 12-year-old Otto Dawes.
36.12 Wrap up this edition.

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Duration: 37.02