How to listen and subscribe

Flaps will be produced monthly – so here’s how to listen, and to subscribe for free.

First off – here on this site. Listen without fuss using the on-screen player, or save it to to your PC or phone to enjoy later. You won’t be able to subscribe this way, so you’ll need to check back every few weeks. For this reason, we suggest the following methods. Note that the web player requires Flash Player, which you probably already have.

Secondly – use iTunes. For many this is the most convenient way. You can listen to Flaps with iTunes, transfer it to your iPod or iPhone, and also download it for your grandkids. Plus iTunes lets you subscribe for free – your machine should automatically download each new edition as it’s made available. If you don’t have iTunes, you can get it from Apple. Elliott has an iPhone. (Naturally he’s hard to reach.)

Thirdly, you can use the RSS feed. Don’t ask us to explain too much. Suffice to say you can use this link in an RSS reader such as Feedburner. You can also use this link on most mobiles with an RSS reader. Google Listen on Android handsets springs to mind. Mainly because Mark has an Android handset. (This option, it has to be said, makes about as much sense as a whizz wheel does to a six-year-old.)

Finally, you can wait until someone down the flying club reminds you that they’ve just heard something great on the new edition of that daft programme on the internet!

We’re working on a mailing list. We’re also working on getting it onto the Nokia podcast thing, but it’s a bit hit and miss in the development stakes. Neither Elliott or Mark own a Nokia. (Any advice greatly appreciated.)